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A Study of Whipcords

In my last post and the one before, some time ago, I talked about how I made the Whipcord Bobbins. Since then I’ve made up a number of braid lengths and have learned a few things. Thickness I typically make up my braids with the size 10 cotton crochet supply that you find at your average … Continue reading »

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East Kingdom Artisanal Exchange – Heraldic Theme

    nce upon a time there was a place where the artisans of all skill levels from around the East Kingdom gathered to trade their arts. Partners were assigned at random and their preferences given so that each creator could make something truly special for their recipient. Then came the day that I dared … Continue reading »

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Viking Hood Part II

So I began working on a Viking hood prior to Pennsic, the assumption being that it would get a bunch of use because everyone was going on the assumption that it was going to be a wet and generally miserable Pennsic in terms of weather. It ended up being one of the driest Pennsic’s in thirty … Continue reading »

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Viking Hood À La Skjoldehamn

As Pennsic is upon us and I’m digging through my wardrobe I begin to realize that I don’t have one basic item that most people should have in their inventory: a hood. Now there are all kinds of hoods throughout our time period but I have been on this kick lately of actually trying to … Continue reading »

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