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Improving Garb – Jorvik Hood Pt. 1

Recently I have joined a Facebook group with the intention of improving my Norse garb. I have plenty of garb  but I realized that I don’t have a complete  set of anything. Even though my persona is late 12th century/ early 13th century French my most complete set is my Norse garb.  It is also probably … Continue reading »

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East Kingdom Artisanal Exchange – Heraldic Theme

    nce upon a time there was a place where the artisans of all skill levels from around the East Kingdom gathered to trade their arts. Partners were assigned at random and their preferences given so that each creator could make something truly special for their recipient. Then came the day that I dared … Continue reading »

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Reinventing the Game

So this past weekend was Birka, a fairly large event for us in the northeast. 1,500 friends and acquaintances from all over the East Kingdom. It’s shopping, fighting, fencing, and court until you drop. It’s one of the events that you almost always come home feeling more tired  than when you left to go. At … Continue reading »

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A New Hobby – Beginner Illumination

I need a new hobby like I need another hole in my head. Nevertheless I’ve taken it on! Continue reading »

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After making this traditional family dish for our meal plan at Pennsic I have gotten a lot of requests for the recipe. Keep in mind that this is a “cheater” sauerkraut – my family equivalent to a quick and dirty casserole that you would throw together on a Wednesday night. It is not a period … Continue reading »

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My Other Crazy Hobby

I don’t often do this but I am making a one-time exception. Today I’m going to talk about my other crazy hobby. I have two hobbies that eat up my free time. Clearly, the SCA is one. The other is my writing outlet. It’s called NaNoWriMo and it stands for National Novel Writing Month. It’s a crazy … Continue reading »

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Submitting a Letter of Intent for an Office

***The letters discussed may change by region, kingdom, and groups. Some groups may be more or less formal in their requirements. *** This past week I spent a bit of time researching and working on a letter of intent – something I found out I needed to supply to my shire at our meeting on … Continue reading »

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Post Pennsic Ruminations

I keep a journal during Pennsic. For every Pennsic I’ve gone to I have at least five entries. Most of the time I write them and don’t really come back to them until I’m trying to find something else in  my notebook.  I was cleaning out my computer cabinet today and came across my old … Continue reading »

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Welcome to Madame Perronnelle de Croy’s home on the web. Within the SCA I play a middle 12th century Frenchwoman from the northwest or Brittany region. This is my collection of esoteric knowledge and experiences within that august organization.  Please feel free to look around, comment, and learn. While the offerings are meager at this time … Continue reading »

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Viking Hood Part II

So I began working on a Viking hood prior to Pennsic, the assumption being that it would get a bunch of use because everyone was going on the assumption that it was going to be a wet and generally miserable Pennsic in terms of weather. It ended up being one of the driest Pennsic’s in thirty … Continue reading »

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