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Bergental Baronial Championship – A&S Edition

Maybe I Will… This past weekend was the Barony of Bergental‘s Baronial Championship, an event which I generally look forward to because it’s a lot like “Old Home” week. It’s mostly a laid back event and  I get to see several of my friends and have a really nice day. This year I helped put … Continue reading »

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First Scroll Assignment & Annual Pennsic Prep

Back at the end of April I was asked if I thought I’d be up for taking my first scroll assignment. I was more than a little nervous since these tend to me more geared toward the recipient and it’s held up in court for everyone to see. It did not help that my previous … Continue reading »

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A Study of Whipcords

In my last post and the one before, some time ago, I talked about how I made the Whipcord Bobbins. Since then I’ve made up a number of braid lengths and have learned a few things. Thickness I typically make up my braids with the size 10 cotton crochet supply that you find at your average … Continue reading »

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Bobbins, Needles, and Yarn

I just realized last night that I haven’t published anything on here in over four months….oops! Life often has a way of rushing past you even when you try your best to hold and keep things in control, it doesn’t always work. Since it’s been a while I thought I would catch up on a … Continue reading »

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Whipcord Bobbins

Once upon a Pennsic I was walking down by the merchants and going back to camp using the walk by main gate. There were the usual children laying on the grass, plying their art, and enjoying the shade. Then there was woman standing with string on old-school laundry pins hanging from a tree and it was … Continue reading »

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Card Weaving – Making Cards

Some time between one event and another a week later I managed to misplace all 80 of my cards for tablet weaving. The particular set I lost was purchased (my first set) that still had some life in them so I was sad to loose them but it’s not the end of the world. With … Continue reading »

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Weaving With Wool

While I haven’t finished my post on fitting my daughter’s Eura dress I thought I should get this post out while it’s still fresh in my mind! I also have an update coming along about the upgrade to my donut hat as well which I had discussed before but was missing a curved needle to … Continue reading »

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Donut Hat Improvement – pt. 1

A shot time prior to the Fall Coronation here in the East Kingdom, I made a houppelande to wear for the occasion. It’s not my best work but I think it’s a good piece of work for a first attempt. The belt, collar, and lining and hat were all made from remnants and small pieces. … Continue reading »

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Eura Underdress – The Family Look Pt. 4

I’ve finally gotten around to putting my daughter’s dress together. I apologize in advance for slightly blurry pictures. I took them with my phone and for whatever the reason I couldn’t get a clear shot when I was putting the thing together. All of these are thumbnails. You can click on them to see them … Continue reading »

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Fabric Care and Preparation

This post stem from a post that I recently saw com up on one of the Facebook groups that I follow. The question was whether or not fabric should be washed before being cut. I tend to be very picky about my fabric care and preparation. The idea of not washing it and then I had … Continue reading »

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