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First Scroll Assignment & Annual Pennsic Prep

Posted by on July 19, 2017

Back at the end of April I was asked if I thought I’d be up for taking my first scroll assignment. I was more than a little nervous since these tend to me more geared toward the recipient and it’s held up in court for everyone to see. It did not help that my previous experience with submitting things to Arts & Sciences competitions have not gone well.

Illuminated page from Gospel of John

Gospel Book
England, 1051-1064
MS M.708 fol. 67r
Morgan Library

Bolstered by my teacher’s confidence I accepted the assignment and had to do a bit of research before I found something that I thought might fit the bill for my 11th Century Anglo Saxon recipient. I stole a simple frame with a fair bit of shading work and gold application from the Gospel of John, at left, and used it to frame the device, blazon, and signatures.

The scroll work was interesting and I have to admit to repainting a couple of the swirls a couple of times before I felt it was acceptable. I was so paranoid that I actually did a few test drafts of some of the swirls and shading to get it how I liked and even then I ended up repainting. I am a bit of a perfectionist, even if it isn’t period.

Schminke Aqua Bronze

Schminke Aqua Bronze

In the end my completed portion came out quite nice and I was pleased. My next item on my to-do list is to try playing with some shell gold. For this project I used the Schminke Aqua Bronze Rich Pale Gold. Since I’m still a baby illuminator and new, I chose this option since it was cheaper and something I already had on hand.┬áPennsic’s right around the corner though so I may try to pick up some shell gold there to try out.

Pennsic prep is underway and my sewing room looks like it has exploded. No real surprise since it’s what happens every year pre-Pennisc but I always wish I could skip that part of Pennisc prep. It’s inevitable though. Usually two weeks before I get ready to hit the road, I’ll discover two to three items in my wardrobe (at least) that need replacing or repair. I try to keep it all clean and orderly but it doesn’t always work out and I end up having to put away a bigger mess when I get home. Oh well. Here’s to the crazy Pennsic prep season. I can’t wait to see you all there!

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