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Bobbins, Needles, and Yarn

Posted by on October 19, 2016

I just realized last night that I haven’t published anything on here in over four months….oops! Life often has a way of rushing past you even when you try your best to hold and keep things in control, it doesn’t always work. Since it’s been a while I thought I would catch up on a few things:

Whipcord Bobbins

They’re amazing! I made my own this past June (see this post on how-to) with some basic supplies ordered from or purchased at your local craft store. So far I’ve only done things in size 10 crochet cotton but it’s been a really good learning material. So far I’ve made a ton of medallion cord and a nifty Obi belt for Mistress Eleanore McCarthaigh. (Photo coming forthwith)

whipcord bobbins

Completed whipcord bobbins.

The medallion cords are simple, one thread per bobbin. For the Obi belt I doubled up and used two lengths of thread per bobbin which made for a nice solid cord belt of about three and half yards. That was a last minute make and I simply knotted the end but I think I’d like to add a large bead to each end of it of jade, carnelian, or pierced metal…something to give it a bit more bling.

The bobbins have a really nice heft to them and are perfectly heavy enough to provide the necessary tension for the cords which is awesome. I’ll be interested to see how the weight affects the work up of other types of thread. Unless I’m using something really thick, I don’t think the bobbins would ever need to be heavier but my main concern is working with thinner threads or wool. It’ll have to be an experiment I tackle in my copious amounts of spare time.


I’ve been working on expanding my stitch repertoire since I began learning a couple years ago. I learned Oslo and Mammen at the Pennsic before last and I’ve completed one fingerless mitt in the Mammen stitch. Unfortunately, it wound up a bit too small so I’ll be starting a new set. I’ve since begun a hat in Mammen stitch which is nearly finished. I’ve also begun a hat in Telemark stitch which is flatter and more densely packed than the others I currently know.

top view comparison of telemark and mammen stitches.

Top view comparison of the Mammen (top) and Telemark (bottom) stitches.

The picture to the right is the top view of the the Mammen stitch hat and the Telemark stitch hat. Below that I included a picture of the top view to see the difference in the thickness of the stitches. I tried to get a good shot with a ruler but that failed. Just for comparison through the Mammen stitch comes out at about 1/4 inch thick where the Telemark stitch comes out at only an 1/8 of an inch.

I’ve learned two new stitches to add on to thing  thanks to the Neulakintaat website and YouTube videos.

Comparing Mammen and Telemark stitches

Comparing thicknesses. Top: Mammen stitch Bottom: Telemark stitch

The wonderful lady that does this explains in Finnish and English so there’s the added benefit of seeing things done twice and done slowly. She also has a number of videos on how to start, adding, and decreasing stitches. I’ve listed the four stitches that I know below with links to the relevant video tutorial and a side note: the figure 8 starting trick is really phenomenal as it tightens down and doesn’t create an unsightly loop at the beginning like the knotted loop start that I had been using.

Inkle Weaving

The woolen inkle band that has been on my loom for a while now is nearly done. I’m about three quarters of the way through. I had forgotten how sticky wool can be. I can only be glad that the wool is a simple inkle pattern instead of a card woven one. I’ve never done card weaving with wool and I’m not so keen to give it a try after this and remembering how sticky it is.

Future Projects

Beyond finishing both hats that I have going, I hope to start and finish one fingerless mitt for myself before Christmas with the goal of finishing the second one before Valentine’s Day.

My sewing room is still not quite back into fully functioning order after having everything just dumped inside after my last trip. I have a lengthy list but I’ll be happy if I can finish just two or three before Christmas on that front. I’m currently jobless again so here’s hoping that my motivation won’t go down the drain.


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